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  by Anonymous (24th May 2016)

Great story, great actors and a more complex scenario that just in part reflect our reality. I you only have 2 neurons, dont watch it.
  by Janda (19th Oct 2015)

I had it wrong. Epic last 2-3 episodes in season 2. Great stuff.
  by Janda (3rd Oct 2015)

Pretty good, pales when compared to the great first season. But pretty good is not enough, probably would not watch without the first one.
  by Jacko (30th Sep 2015)

Too many characters with too many problems. Vince Vaughn tries his best but is still miscast, Farrell puts on a cliche bad/good cop role.
  by Anonymous (12th Sep 2015)

Confusing Mess, uninspiring story. Because first season was so good, I plodded through this often bored as hell. Take my word, avoid this.
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True Detective (season 2)

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