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  by Maximalist4E (9th Apr 2016)

This has fantastically diverse songs. They're unique, creative, and perfectly executed. Best Song: Vital Signs
  by y2imm (20th Nov 2015)

To paraphrase Alex "...we can do pop radio stuff, we just don't feel like it that often..." Make no mistake, possibly their best album.
  by El Real Rico (10th Nov 2015)

The worst Rush album is still better than the culmination of your life's work. Deal with it.
  by Ozzsanity (10th Nov 2015)

Good album. Vital Signs is by far the best track. Tom Sawyer is Rush's Iron Man. Not that great a song to begin with and then over played.
  by Brendan (10th Nov 2015)

The most popular Rush album. Very accessible with radio-friendly songs like Tom Sawyer and Limelight. Solid album but not their best.
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Rush: Moving Pictures

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