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  by (10th Apr 2016)

Still can't get to it. Sounds like the guys got sequencer for christmas present and this was result of the experiments. Where are guitars?
  by (9th Apr 2016)

This is an incomprehensible masterpiece. This is Radiohead and experimentation at it's best. Best Song: Everything In It's Right Place
  by (9th Apr 2016)

One of the most beautiful albums of all time.
  by (8th Apr 2016)

classic album, fuck you anon.
  by (8th Apr 2016)

I'm as fucked off as you are about that other Kid A review, some people just don't understand good music and are only human.
  by (8th Apr 2016)

Kid A is an amazing record that strays from Radiohead's three earlier albums by focusing on electronic elements. It's beauty to the ears.
  by (3rd Nov 2015)

I hope the person who gave one star gets Chlamydia and stubs their toe! Kid A is easily Radiohead's best work.
  by (13th Sep 2015)

Horrible turd which should have been flushed down immediately at Thom Yorke's bog. Rock critics love this because they want to feel special.
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Radiohead: Kid A

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