Iron Maiden: The Book Of Souls quick reviews

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  by (9th Apr 2016)

As long-standing MVPs of metal, they needed to evolve, and they did with tact. This is unbridled ambition. Best Song: Empire Of The Clouds
  by (24th Jan 2016)

Second best Maiden album since Bruces return. Brave New World is still the best but this offers loads of epic moments throughout.
  by (1st Oct 2015)

Awesome album, over 90 minutes of classic Maiden, great riffs, dark lyrics. Get it you will not be disappointed.
  by (1st Oct 2015)

Long-winded and not very memorable songs. The production suck like on all later Maiden albums. I love 80´s Iron Maiden, this is far from it.

Iron Maiden: The Book Of Souls
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