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  by Anonymous (29th Jan 2017)

It's pretty, and it has Williams for the score. I seriously wonder if I would have liked it if I hadn't played the games, read the books...
  by Keulii (16th Jan 2017)

Piece of shit. Remake of the first SW movie with crappier plot and horrible new characters. If you like the original,avoid this at all cost!
  by Maximalist4E (9th Apr 2016)

There are some annoying things to nitpick. But this is an undeniably well-made and well-written blockbuster which does the franchise justice
  by Jackson (16th Jan 2016)

Perfect follow-up to classics. Shitty episodes I-III are forgiven. Old farts from originals deliver great and are more than just nostalgia.
  by Gorillah (16th Dec 2015)

While it´s impossible to recreate the atmosphere of the originals, JJ Abrams is more Lucas than Lucas nowadays. Made for the fans by fans!
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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