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  by Maximalist4E (9th Apr 2016)

Sometimes it gets caught up in it's grandeur, but that can be forgiven due to it's insane production value. Hans Zimmer is the MVP though.
  by Jacko (3rd Oct 2015)

OK sci-fi movie, but the ending ruined it for me, it was like they could not come up with anything realistic so they went to fairytale-land.
  by se (1st Oct 2015)

Very entertaining, good casted sci-fi movie. Ending fails little bit with the black hole stuff but good movie. Recommended.
  by brank (30th Sep 2015)

The movie has lots of eye candy and a good cast, but the plot of the movie is a big disappoitment and it does not live up the hype at all.
  by Janda (30th Sep 2015)

Amazing sci-fi movie that looks and sounds great. Spectacular, moving and exiting. Not flawless, but still best movie in years.
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