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  by Wollington (14th Oct 2015)

5v5 bomb plant mission. CT kill T, T kill CT. Super addicting and hard to be good at.
  by seven_dc (1st Oct 2015)

Pure fun with friends. Deep game when you really get into the tactics, economy and gun properties. 10/10 would play again.
  by Anonymous (26th Sep 2015)

This multiplayer shooter is fun way to let off some steam. More seasoned players can be assholes while you´re learning the ropes. Screw ´em!
  by brank (24th Sep 2015)

CS:GO picks up where CS:S left off, still same old fun CS. Mods like Arms Race (Gungame) are built in, but they are not as good as before.
  by Hellcat (23rd Sep 2015)

Counter-Strike makes you regret every single day you ever lived in your life. Live, die, live, die - repeat ad nauseam.
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