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  by (14th Oct 2015)

5v5 bomb plant mission. CT kill T, T kill CT. Super addicting and hard to be good at.
  by (1st Oct 2015)

Pure fun with friends. Deep game when you really get into the tactics, economy and gun properties. 10/10 would play again.
  by (26th Sep 2015)

This multiplayer shooter is fun way to let off some steam. More seasoned players can be assholes while you´re learning the ropes. Screw ´em!
  by (24th Sep 2015)

CS:GO picks up where CS:S left off, still same old fun CS. Mods like Arms Race (Gungame) are built in, but they are not as good as before.
  by (23rd Sep 2015)

Counter-Strike makes you regret every single day you ever lived in your life. Live, die, live, die - repeat ad nauseam.
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